Integrity Due Diligence

We are excited to announce a new partnership between HSE Masters and Falcon Private Investigators. Falcon Private Investigators is a Ghanaian firm that provides comprehensive, confidential, and discreet private investigation service to clients.

Our principal is to provide Integrity due diligence services to companies in the Oil and Gas industry and beyond.

As with any due diligence, the goal of IDD is a deeper understanding of the potential partner business, primarily from a corruption risk management perspective and to proactively mitigate such integrity risks. IDD deals with gathering of independent information to gain an understanding of the integrity and corruption risks associated with a third party along with risks of corruption an organization may be exposed to internally.

The team by following through the strict IDD processes examines the target company’s operations to identify issues that might pose major, but unquantifiable financial or reputationalrisks to an acquirer.

We seek to uncover the following key risks with IDD:

  • Issues of hidden beneficial ownership
  • The potential de facto control, ownership or leverage exerted over a business by key officials through strong political patronage
  • The selling off of a target company’s assets or of parts of a target business group
  • Leakage of intellectual property or products, leading to the emergence of gray markets or smuggling networks
  • Board members acting as representatives of specific outside interest groups
  • Indications or allegations of mismanagement by key principals of the business (frequently the original founders of a company that have since grown substantially)
  • Credible allegations of significant, corrupt payments to officials
  • Allegations of ongoing fraudulent activity within the company or of previous fraudulent incidents that have been covered up and not properly addressed
  • Overreliance on key political relationships, leaving the company vulnerable to future changes in government
  • Allegations of the use of the business as a conduit for money laundering
  • The existence of well-connected minority investors with a track record of not fulfilling investment promises
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