QHSE Master is happy to be a partner with Ariscu for the sale of the HSEQ+ APP and Database in Ghana.

Our Health Safety Environment and Quality Management Software applications make it easy to manage, track and report your Health Safety, Environment and Quality data. Our user-friendly solutions address all aspects of a top performing HSEQ program, ensure the safety of your employees and facilitate compliance with ISO system reporting and legal requirement

Get the tools to ensure compliance, drive performance and transform your organization into a world-class leader in HSE. Available applications include 4 main modules:

  • Quick-reports (Deviation, Near Miss, Improvements, etc.)
  • Inspections and Audits (checklists within safety and quality)
  • Risk assessment (safe-job analysis and quality risk analysis)
  • Time sheet (plain documentation of work order or period)

The App can be used in all trades, in the public sector as well as the private sector and it is possible to tailor make it to fit any organization affiliated with the Ariscus database “HSEQ Reports” for processing and statistics

Health and Safety Reporting in 3 Easy Steps

HSE Masters LTD

HSEQ+ on your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Use HSEQ+ for easy reporting of all Safety and Quality related issues and use our database HSEQ Reports for the processing of all reports and for statistics.

Having access to your reporting- and processing tools wherever you are in the world via the world wide web simplifies your HSEQ-process and makes your improvement work cost effective.

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